Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay, situated near the township of Coles Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania, is truly an undiscovered paradise.A magnificently un-spoilt beach and bay area, that is quickly becoming famous around the world-after being named in the "Top 10" beaches of the world by Condo Naste. This unique Wineglass Bay features cliff top walking trails, forests, secluded sandy beaches and underwater exploration for the adventurous. With a newly built resort in Wineglass Bay, it has become a favorite honeymoon destination for couples to come and relax away from the rest of the world.
The best time of year to visit Wineglass Bay in Tasmania is Summer as the waters of Tasmania can be very cold for the rest of the year. And as Wineglass Bay is becoming a very popular destination the world over, it is advised to book you accommodation in wineglass bay-well in advance of your travel to Wineglass Bay.
Wineglass Bay, Tasmania - you won't want to leave in a hurry.
Once we walked to the lookout, climbed up some granite rocks and soaked in the tranquillity (there were 20 others there, but we were all soaking majestic glory like a first time church goer) and we took our pictures. Yes, the bay does have the shape of a wine glass. This is because of the distinction between the bleach white sand and the crystal clean aqua water. I would say it actually looks more like a blue and green cocktail because the water is so vividly clear. After taking our pictures, we swapped cameras with the other tourists, did some snap-snapping for them and headed down towards the beach. This is approximately a 20 minute walk down from the vista, where you enter from the left side of the bay (when looking out from the beach). To walk all the way around the wine glass, it took us another half an hour - with a few rests in between. The sand is coarse when you first hit the beach, but the further you go, the finer it gets, until it's so fine that when you walk on the dry parts it squeaks. Our group all thought it would have been a great place to crack open some wine and eat some gourmet cheese and crackers. If we were better organised, we would have bought a little picnic, next time!

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