Known as one of the most sensational beaches of Sardinia, Villasimius is a traditional coastal town, which offers beautiful beaches and other picturesque attractions like natural wonders and structural landmarks like lighthouses. A holiday spent in Villasimius promises a fun-filled and refreshing vacation with family and friends.

One of the beaches of Villasimius is Spiaggia di Proto Giunco, which is well-known for its beauty and splendor. A rare find when on this beach is the sparkling white sand and crystal clear aquamarine waters on an island that is full of natural wonders. Sunbathe under the sun. Bath and swim into the inviting waters by the beach. Also, scuba dive into the deeper parts of the waters to experience the breath taking diving spots of Villasimius and Sardinia.

Treat yourself a nature trip and forget all about the urban living as you immerse in the traditional and unhurried life in Villasimius. Admire the sand dunes along with another attraction by the coast, a salt water lake called Timi Ama. Situated towards the Carbonara Cape, this lake gives tourists hopes of seeing a few pink flamingos. Also, tourists can take boat rides off shore in order to see some dolphins leaping and take a more grand view of Cape Carbonara and the beach of Villasimius. Also in Villasimius and to the west of Capo Carbonara, is alocation that gives tourists and locals a spectacular sun seta across the horizon. Since the beach faces the west and as the day end, enjoy the view of the sun bidding the visitors of Villasimius a warm farewell.

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