Vatulele Island

Vatulete (pronounced Vah-too-lay-lay) is a coral, volcanic island situated 30 kilometers south of Viti Levu, the biggest Fiji's island. It has an area of 32 square kilometers and maximum altitude 34 meters. Vatulele island features a beautiful white sand beach and azure water. Located just 30 minutes south of Nadi Airport, this stunning Fiji resort offers luxury beachfront accommodation, with all villas set apart ensuring an intimate atmosphere. The waters around Vatulele Island abound with colourful reef fish, making it a perfect place for diving, snorkelling and game fishing.

Being one of the most outstanding "bare-foot" luxury resorts in the world, Vatulele is known for its amazing weddings. Before any wedding, there is usually held a traditional Kava ceremony, a native feast cooked in pits in the ground, and later all the guests can enjoy the villagers' genuine ceremonial dances.

Vatulete is also famous for its red prawns called "ura-buta." There is even a Fijian legend about these extraordinary prawns. It tells that everybody who tries to take them away will suffer a shipwreck. That is why, the islanders treat the prawns with great respect, considering them to be sacred.

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