Varna Bay

Varna Bay is currently located on the Black Sea Cost of Bulgaria. It is 469 km away from Sofia. In its town, there are an approximated 350 000 people inhabiting the area. It is known to be the third most populated area in Bulgaria next to Sofia and Plovdiv. July and August is the best time to go to Varna Bay. This is when the sun rises 10-11 hours a day. This allows visitors to sunbathe for longer periods of time. The calm waters of the sea and the gentle breeze allows people to swim to their hearts content. People would not have to worry about the strong winds and the dangerous tides that other beaches may bring.

Other great attractions would include the historical buildings and the cultural attractions of Sofia and Plovdiv. This is not far from Varna Bay. People may come to this area and get a glimpse of how the early natives lived in this particular place. They may also visit Kamchiya's nature reserve. Here, they will be able to view quieter scenic spots and appreciate the beauty of Varna's landscapes. The place also includes Balchik's royal palace and Aladzha's hillside monastery.

One particular place that most people visit would be the Seaside Park. This is the largest park located just beside the beach. The Seaside Baths, the Natural History Museum, the Navy Museum, and the Aquarium may be seen within the Park.

Varna Bay is a place full of culture, history, and breath-taking sceneries. This is the perfect place to be if people want to spend more time under the hot sun.

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