Located 44 km south of Polygiros, the beach of Varkes is a spectacular beach that hosts to a tourist village in Halkidik\'s Kassandra peninsula. Afytos, considered as one of Halkidiki\'s loveliest and conventional villages is situated at the top of a small cliff. The cliff\'s feet are submerged on the bay, attracting tourists and visitors around the globe.

This beach is filled with excited visitors during peak season and gets secluded during off peak seasons. If you wish to spend some time alone on the beach, you can visit this lovely beach with your loved one during autumn or before summer for some romance. However, if you want to mingle with people and meet new friends or dance with strangers, you can come here during summer time. This beach is very safe for families with small children. You can allow them to explore the area for a little bit of adventure. The water is cool and shallow therefore making it safe for little kids to swim.

The cliffs around the bay have abundant green backdrop, making it a perfect view for those who need to relax by just laying their backs on the sandy beach. If you need some time off with your stressful city life, visiting the wonderful beach of Varkes is the best option. Tell your friends and plan a week-long vacation and stay here for some fun.

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