Varazze Beaches

Be captivated by the beaches of Varazze as beautiful and elegant villas with attractive gardens lined with palm trees add up to the splendid scenery. Perfect for a laid back holiday vacation for family and friends

Situated in a exceptionally beautiful inlet or gulf, Varazze is popular beach resort favored by locals and tourists alike. Varazze, also known as the sity of women, has continued to grow as a tourist spot as it develops its tourist port and its coastal beaches that includes 40 seaside resorts. Tourists are offered a wide variety of beach resort to choose from according to their needs. But one thing is for sure, visitors would have a grand time under the warm sunshine and calm waters along its majestic view of the beach and its surroundings.

Varazze has been awarded the Blue Flag for its quality beaches. Also, its beaches are known for the pleasantly mild climate all year round. Tourists also get attracted to pleasant and calm waters of the sea that reaches 27 degrees during the summer months.

Varazze also offers the possibility of making excursions to the regional nature park of Beigua and making a visit to the beautiful ancient medieval village. Varazze is also known as an elite town that is home for the luxurious haven for well-off tourists. Some tourist resorts offers its visitors high-class residences on the sea front. Also, on the seafront, tourist will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops. Tourist could enjoy seeing and riding on leisure boats and yachts with all kinds of amenities.

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