The beach of Valti is situated 87 km from Polygiros near the beach resorts of Sarti and Sykia which is located on the southern part of Sithonia. In order to reach Valti, tourists and travelers need to pass the northern portion of Sikia beach resort and travel along the streets of Halkidiki. You can come here with your car or motorcycle.

Near the beach is a good camping spot. You will also find some taverns serving delicious and thirst-quenching drinks. Many tourists stay on this place for some time just to let time pass or chat with their friends. There are also beach bars and other kinds of facilities specially made for tourists both adults and children alike. The beach is really safe for conducting beach sports such as beach soccer and beach volleyball. You can safely lay your back and let the sun leave a lovely trace of tan in your skin.

You can also find affordable accommodations such as hotels, apartments and rooms for rent that are located near the beach resort. This beach resort is not as famous as other resorts therefore making it perfect for families with small children. You can let your kids roam around the area and let them swim on Valti\'s cool and amazingly clear waters.

Pack your things today and reserve an accommodation in one of the hotels, rooms and apartments here in Valti.

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