Would you like to relax a little and enjoy the beauty of nature this summer? Why not go to the beach of Trikorfo?

The beach of Trikorfo, situated 18 km south of Polygiros is famous for its striking landscapes of densely forested low hills abundant in olive and pine trees. You can easily reach this place either by boat or through land transportation. Many tourists and visitors come here to enjoy the exquisite aura of peace and relax a little. This beach resort has plenty of accommodation, customary taverns and other shops wherein tourists can obtain most of their essential needs.

The beach resort of Trikorfo is very organized and receives plenty of visitors every summer. The most basic facilities such as beach umbrellas and sun-beds are readily available. You may notice that some of the beach resorts in Halkidiki don't have readily available amenities for visitors. The shoreline has very good sand wherein you can enjoy playing beach volleyball or beach soccer together with your friends, family or loved ones. This is also the perfect place to meet new friends. Finally, in case you want to visit other resorts and islands this beach resort is a perfect starting point to the shorelines of Halkidiki and the inland towns.

Pack your bags today and visit this magnificent beach resort. Once you've come here, you will never try to return to your city again.

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