The beach of Tratokerma is located 70 km south away from Polygiros. Most tourists stay away from this beach due to its unappealing qualities. You will learn that this beach is not organized compared to other beach resorts. Moreover, the area is enclosed by short vegetation, a feature that can be mistaken as an unattractive characteristic. However, because of the condition of this place, some tourists and travelers come here and set up a camp to stay for some time.

If you are looking for great food and drinks to be served in front of you, you might as well bring your own. Unlike other beach resorts that have nice places to eat and drink, there are no taverns and restaurants here in Tratokerma. What this place has is a peaceful and totally quiet atmosphere - totally in contrast to what you experience in the city.

The waters of Tratokerma are very clean and safe to drink. In addition, the shoreline is protected from harsh winds that frighten some visitors. Due to the condition of the area, some people go naked when walking around the beach and swimming on its charming waters. You and loved one can have a perfect private moment together by the beach without worrying about some annoying intruders. If you want some peace of mind, the beach of Tratokerma is definitely the one for you.

Visit Tratokerma today and get the relaxation that you need.

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