Trani Ammouda

Ever wonder where the name "Trani Ammouda" came from? Read on and learn a lot.

The beach of Trani Ammouda is a beach resort that is located near the village of Agios Nikolaos, Halkidiki's second peninsula. The name of the beach means "huge and sandy beach". Many tourists and visitors who have been to Trani Ammouda say that this place is a nice beach.

Because of the beach's location, it can be reached by car. Tourists and travelers find it very convenient to reach this place because they never have to get on a boat just to reach this destination. The beach has soft sand and crystal clear turquoise waters that are absolutely perfect for some snorkeling. You can also see the magnificent Mount Athos and the old monasteries of Byzantine.

Even though Trani Ammouda is a famous beach in Halkidiki, this place never gets awkwardly crowded at all. If you hate huge crowd, this is definitely the best place to go. If you are looking for accommodations, there are plenty of choices once you arrived here. In addition, you can never be bored and hungry in Trani Ammouda. You will find great restaurants which serves mouthwatering food and drinks. There are also concerts that you can enjoy here which are usually performed every summer until the early days of autumn.

Pack your things and go to Trani Ammouda and experience a different kind of relaxation.

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