Tivat Beach

The beaches of Tivat are among the beautiful attractions of the Tivat Riviera and it is a long stretch of sand, rocks and pebbles. Find a peaceful and tranquil place along its coast or participate in various activities that are taking place on the beach and in the waters.

Tivat Riviera has about 17 official beaches, some of which are sitauted on small yet captivating water inlets. These beaches are also surrounded by lots of bars, restaurants and other amenities that tourists could use. Some of the beaches of the Riviera of Tivat are Belane beach and Zupa beach among others. There are also the neighboring beaches of Donja Lastva and remarkable isles such as the Island of Flowers. All in all, once you visit the beaches of Tivat, make sure to enjoy the crystal clear waters against rocky ot sandy shores. Also, take a walk and explore by foot or by boat the different areas of the Tivat Riviera.

Highlighting the heart of the town of Tivat, you will find there the beach of Belane. It is a sandy beach near the promenade and the Tivat hotels. This beach of Tivat is situated in an urban setting and it is complete with the amenities that tourists will need. Another attraction within the Tivat Riviera is the beautiful and enchanting Island of Flowers, which is a circular beach with a number of small and scattered beaches along its coasts. This island near Tivat if full of Mediterranean flora in addition to the lush green vegetation and trees.

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