Tambor Beach

Tambor Beach is located in the southern part of Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica. It is a famous tourist site because of its marvelous scenery. The place is amazing because of its soft sand which is grayish black in color due to its volcanic origins and its lush vegetation including countless numbers of jungle palms that give the island a refreshing and relaxing feel. The beach is easily accessible with a use of a car.

Bahia Ballena is a horseshoe-shaped bay which surrounds the entire beach. Its name literally means "Whale Bay" Because of high water activities in Tambor Beach, the large and the remarkable sea creatures of the place no longer thrive, but other magnificent creatures still wander on its premises. These would include colorful birds, monkeys, and other great mammals. Diving birds are popular in this area. Visitors could wait and watch for the birds to swoop down and catch their prey over the clear waters.

The valley behind the Tambor Beach is surrounded by green and well-preserved forested hills that are known to be a part of the biological corridor of Nicoya Peninsula. This particular part of the beach is home to a lot of exotic animals. Although visitors are allowed to go to this spectacular place, they are not allowed to make changes or to damage its beauty.

If people do not want to get wet but would still want to enjoy the place, they could go to the village where in restaurants and bars situated in that area offer delicious food.

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