Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is located north of Costa Rica. The whole beach is within the bay of Cabo Velas. It is known to be separated from another beach called Playa Grande by an estuary which is said to be salt-watered. The beach is 3.5 km in length and it contains several national parks that are situated to the south and north of the area.

Behind Tamarindo Beach, people will be able to see a jungle. Beautifully colored parakeets live in this area. People will be able to admire them as they fly from one branch to another. In the forest, other majestic creatures can also be seen. They would include Howler monkeys and giant iguanas. Large Leatherback turtles are also popular in this area. They are known to lay their precious eggs in the sands of Tamarindo Beach. Visitors may watch the turtles lay their eggs if they desire to.

If people want to have a taste of leisure, they could go to the Tamarindo town and enjoy the establishments built there and the services that they have to offer. They may choose to eat at different restaurants, go online in Internet cafes, and buy necessities at various stores. There also plenty of different luxurious accommodations in the town.

There are numerous and fun activities that visitors could do in the area. Activities involving the sea would include diving, fishing, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and windsurfing. Tamarindo Beach is the best place to pass the time and to have fun.

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