Sveti Vlas Beach

Sveti Vlas or also referred to as St. Vilas is an outstanding coastal village located within the Balkan mountain range 5 km away from Sunny Beach and 9 km away from Nessebar. 3000 people are recorded to be living in this particular area. Today, the place is turned into a modern tourist attraction where in lots of new hotels and tourist infrastructures are built. The place is perfect for those who are fond of watching the waters touch the golden sand of the beach and looking at other wonderful sceneries.

The place has a total of three beaches where in forests, mountains, and seas surround them. This gives each of the beaches a relaxing atmosphere. Each beach is estimated to be 1.5 km in length. The largest and the longest beach known to this area would be the Central beach. South of the Central beach would the "Camping" beach. The third beach would be the one just beside Marina yacht port. The beaches of Sveti Vlas are said to be less crowded compared to other beaches situated along the Black Sea Cost of Bulgaria.

The Sveti Vlas is the perfect place to go if people want a more peaceful and calm type of vacation. Here, they may just relax beside the beach without the large crowd. They may even rent a yacht if they want to have some fun alone or if they want to go to an isolated place above the waters within the resort's premises.

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