South Water Caye

South Water Caye is located in the southern part of Belize. It is about 10 miles from Dangriga. This place is known for its unique caves and diverse marine life. It also has mangroves where in some astonishing wildlife thrives. It is believed that South Water Caye is the most attractive place in Belize. Since 1996, the South Water Caye is considered to be a World Heritage Site. This will guarantee the protection and preservation of its environment so that visitors in the future will still be able to appreciate its wonders.

South Water Caye's beauty will truly take anyone's breath away. The water surrounding the place is crystal clear and has a temperature of 86 degrees which lasts throughout the year. Snorkeling is a famous activity in South Water Caye. Visitors can practically snorkel in almost every part of the island. They are also advised to first scan through a guide so that they would have an idea on the sea creature that they are looking at. Visitors will be able to appreciate the various tropical fish of the island and its coral. If visitors are really into snorkeling, they could ride on the boat tours of the island. By doing this, they will be able to snorkel at some of the most excellent snorkeling sites.

Other great activities that visitors could do may include scuba diving and kayaking. If they just want to unwind, they could relax in a hammock, eat at nearby restaurants, or enjoy watching the sunset.

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