Skala Fourkas

Are you looking for a summer getaway? There is a beach called Skala Fourkas that will take you to paradise.

The beach of Skala Fourkas is a famous resort located on the southern portion of Kassandra, also known as Halkidiki's primary peninsula. This place is covered by low hills with abundant plants that are large in size. Every summer, this beach resort is always visited by large number of tourists and travelers around the world especially those who come from the surrounding beaches Possidi, Siviri and Mola Kalyva.

This beach is organized with beach umbrellas, sun-beds and fish taverns. There is a tiny fishing port near the beach with loads of fishing boat that you can ride. You can use the boat to visit other islands and other coves that are near the beach. This is perfect for couples who are looking for romantic adventure. Some tourists take this opportunity to learn how to fish from the locals. If you have kids, you can bring them with you and let them feel the thrill of catching fish themselves!
There are good restaurants, bars and taverns around the area. The accommodation such as hotels, apartments and rooms are just near so there's no need to worry where you should stay.

Now is your chance to experience the good vibes of Skala Fourkas. Tell your friends about this and plan a long vacation with them.

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