Sarti Beach

Sarti Beach is located at the eastern part of the peninsula of Sithonia. It is actually one of the top destinations in Halkidiki. Each year, hundreds of tourists come to it to see its white sandy beaches and curving coves. They also want to view the magnificent Mount Athos, the biggest Greek monastic community across the bay.

Situated between the resorts of Sykia and Vourvourou, the small village of Sarti can be seen. It is a homonymous village that belongs to the Toroni municipality. If you wish to go to Athos, you can schedule a day trip. You may also choose other day trip options if you want to explore the other secluded beaches in Sithonia.

There are a lot of options for accommodation. You can choose from numerous hotels, taverns, and apartments. The facilities offered are just as good as the facilities in top-class cosmopolitan resorts; the only difference, perhaps, is that the prices of accommodations here are lower. You can get a good room for a very low price.

You will also notice that the seaside promenade is just as busy. If you want to go camping, check out the Sarti bay. The camping site is near the crystal clear waters. Do not worry because the camping grounds are equipped with the necessary facilities. In August, you may even join the locals in the celebrating the feast day of the Virgin Mary.

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