Sani Beach

Sani is a beach located on North-western portion of a peninsula called Kassandra. This beach is just 10 km away from the village of Nea Fokea. The Beach of Sani has clean and aqua blue waters. As a matter of fact, Sani Beach got the Blue Flag Award due to the cleanliness of its waters. The hotels and restaurants are first class and affordable. If you like windsurfing and snorkeling, this is definitely the perfect place for you to visit this summer.

Also, you will find a line of magnificent pine trees adorning the coast this marvelous beach. Moreover, the resort is very organized and it offers different kinds of accessible facilities for their special clients. This is very advantageous for those who are planning to bring their friends, family or loved ones to celebrate an important occasion.

Usually during summer season, tourists and locals alike frequently celebrate festivals and other environmental activities, most especially during the Day of the Environment. On this particular celebration, seminars and other activities are organized to tell the populace the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches. If visit this amazing beach, you will find that a day is not enough just to marvel on different flora and fauna present in the area. This beach is truly a relaxing place to ease the pain away from the busy city life and stressful work.

Don't miss the chance of experiencing the comforting life here in Sani Beach.

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