San Teodoro

San Teodoro is home to the famous tourist destination, which is to the south of Costa Smeralda. It consists of remarkable areas for visit such as the beach of La Cinta, Stagno di San Teodoro, and the like. San Teodoro beaches and nearby attractions make it a holoday vacation package that gives tourists an option for their search for a perfect destination of peace and relaxation.

Upon arrival in San Teodoro, find nature conspiring to captivate its visitors with its serene charm. This makes it a popular choice of tourists during the peak season like the summer months. To experience much more peace and quiet, visit San Teodoro during the off-peak season.

Experience a long and wide stretch of fine silky white sand that seem to extend to the sea and this makes the sea waters lighter in color. Once on the beach, enjoy white sand everywhere and some sand dunes close by the shore. Be captivated by the crystal clear waters that touch the shore. Take a swim into the light aquamarine waters that seem to sparkle under the warm and bright sun. Try out some windsurfing and surfing. Rent a surface board and enlist for a surfing course, if interested to learn how to surf. The waters of San Teodoro beach also is home to the best diving spots.

While on the shore, families along with the teens and kids have fun on the bay. The leveled terrain of sand makes it an ideal place for children to play and for teens to gather.

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