Saint Jean de Luz

Beach Description hereSaint Jean de Luz is one of the most attractive cities that sit on the border between France and Spain. The city boasts of its cozy beach and the charming downtown. Though small, Saint Jean de Luz is buzzing with its port full of beautiful boats and a number of boutique shops that sell everything from surfing attire to swimming lessons.

It is the last big town you will pass through if you are heading towards the south into the neighboring Spain. The good thing about this small town is that it is clean when compared to other towns near like Bayonne. A visitor to this small town will surely enjoy the charming squares, the covered market that sells all sorts of merchandise, and the picturesque pedestrian shopping arena.

Here, you could enjoy sea-based health resorts or treat yourself in the thermal spa waters. Additionally, you could acquaint yourself with aqua gym classes and hydro massage; two ways of indulging in memorable experiences while in the town.

St Jean de Luz is also a favorite destination for surfing that happens throughout the year. A number of great surf shops around will offer surfing gear and surfing lessons too. The locals do offer surfing rental spots, as well as classes for tourists interested in the sport.

The appealing and alluring charm attached to the city is fabulous. However, there are limited parking spaces, especially when the tourist season reaches its peak. Otherwise, the city should be a good gateway destination; the locals refer to it as an appealing beach city in the Basque Country.

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