Pula Beach

Pula is one of the most popular resorts in Croatia. The Riviera of Pula has several splendid beaches. The sandy beaches have plenty of rocks and pebbles that can be soothing to the feet. They also include bathing terraces that are made of concrete. This is a great place for them to clear their minds and feel the warm waters of the sea. The most excellent beaches in Pula are situated in Premantura, Fazana, Banjole, and Punta Verudela. The Bijeca Beach in Medulin is famous for its size. It is known to be the longest beach at the resort which is estimated to be 1 km in length. The crystal blue waters of the sea allow people to do exciting activities. They can surf, kayak, snorkel and windsurf freely under the sun.

The beaches of Pula are excellent for families. Aside from the different watersports that the beaches offer, the resort also has sports courts. These are perfect for children to play in. Hotels nearby are not only accommodating, but they also have swimming pools in them. When people get tired of swimming in the sea, they could choose to swim in the pools of the hotels. Kids would also love to look at the Romans remains of the city. The resort also has go-karting tracks and other cycle routes to add to the fun. The restaurants surrounding the place are family-friendly and are sure to bring people great food.

Pula's beaches are attractive and unique. The visitors are sure to enjoy their stay at one of the world's greatest treasures.

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