Psakoudia Beach

Paskoudia Beach is a charming seaside resort located on the coast of the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia. It is regarded as one of the most popular resorts all over Halkidiki. It has a sandy shore that is four kilometers in length. It is also known as a fantastic destination for tourists and vacationers for the holidays.

If you are planning to spend the holidays with your family, you should choose Psakoudia Beach as your destination. This beach is preferred by many tourists due to its traditional seaside taverns. You can watch the sunset and sunrise if you choose a room that faces the ocean. The sunrise and sunset are truly beautiful sights to behold.

If you want to check into a room near the beachfront, be sure to make reservations early as plenty of tourists will surely have the same idea. The prices of the accommodations are reasonable and will surely fit your budget. There are also a few sports centers in Psakoudia Beach so you can find the things you need for fishing, scuba diving, and other water sports.
This beach is also a convenient place for excursion trips. So if you are planning to have a company outing, this destination is ideal.
The waters are clean and clear, and the sand is fine and white. The nature that surrounds it is pristine. The sceneries are picturesque, and the ambiance is welcoming.

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