Protaras Beach

Nothing is permanent except for change. This perennial cliche may fit with the modification of the modern tourist rendezvous at the village of Paralimni. The opening statement refers to Protaras which is situated about 10 kilometer North East of Ayia Napa. Protaras might be far behind the modern civilization, but not now since this scenic spot inside the Famugusta area has become a replica of the today's Las Vegas.

Being undermined by its archaic appearance, Protaras has been transformed to the wild facade of the West. Despite its unbearable heat and brick roads, it never ceases to invite the attention of the beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. At night, the music bars, disco houses, night clubs and restaurants never fail to outcompete with the rest of the business counterparts. You can choose from peddle boats, Jet Ski to paraglidingsemicolonsign moreover, you would be allured with the pretty ladies on their sun tanned skin. They also make sure of the safety of their customers with lifeguard service between 10 am to 6pm. This is simply because Protaras is recently become a major tourist attraction for many.

Much more that you can say to the entertainment is the holding back to the later time of its golden sand, lucid, tranquil and warm beach waters, not only in Protaras but also in the nearby beaches of the resort. The most popular of these is the lovely and white sands of the Protaras Bay Beach or Fig Tree Bay Beach. The beach gets its name from a single Fig tree that grows near its vicinity.

With its yielding development as a tourist centre, Protaras is soaring above the sky with its dozen of beaches where you can relax from the tedious work, and seven walking trails excellent for excursion.

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