Possidi Beach

The beach of Possidi is a magnificent village that is located on the southwestern portion of Halkidiki's Kassandra peninsula. This beach possesses fine sand that is set in an astounding environment that overlooks the castle of Mende. This beach is quite small compared to other beaches near it howeversemicolonsign because of the peaceful landscape, it still attracts tourists and travelers who are looking for tranquility and laid-back lifestyle.

There are many things to do here in Possidi beach. Tourists and travelers can go to the ruins of Mende, the ancient city that was built in 8th century BC by the early inhabitants of Eretria. The ancient city, which became popular for being Poseidon's sanctuary, is situated on the slopes of a hill on the south of Kassandra peninsula. This is considered as one of the oldest sanctuaries all over Greece. This was also used as a worship place until the end of 2nd century BC.

The beach of Possidi is full of restaurants, cafes, taverns and beach bars that offer refreshments to tourists and travelers all day long. Visitors have the chance to pick through a wide range of accommodations that are set into a peaceful surrounding. You have to take note however, that the beach of Possidi is not very famous for lively and wild nightlife but there are some bars along the beach that could cater to your partying needs. There is a huge white lighthouse located on the other portion of the beach that is considered as the village's symbol.

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