Located on the northern coast of Sardinia, Portobello is one of the beaches of that location, which exhibits the the romatic and elegant wilderness of Sardinia. Even during the peak season, the place id maintained to be uncrowded for the large area that can cater its visitors.

The beach of Portobello is a perfect holiday destination for families for its cozy and secure ambiance and atmosphere. Its long stretch of white sand and the gentle waters touching the shore provide a safe venue for kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy a swim in the waters. Portobello continues to be known as an attractive beach with the well-known villas and villages close by. This makes the beach of Portobello a delightful place for ocean swimmers, which are usually tourists and locals living near by. Bare yourself in the clear and blue waters of Portobello. Sunbathe under the bright and warm sun. Wind surf and feel closer to nature. Enjoy hours of fun and relaxation under the sun and in the waters with friends and family.

The journey to Portobello prepares its visitors for all that they should expect. Capo Testa, a small peninsula, is one of the spectacular places that you can stop by. The cape is home of a strange rock formation that seems like a sculpture created by the sea. Somewhere on the peninsula, a light house is situated on a promontory. A lovely and romantic walk on the beach of Portobello is one activity that tourists will remember and find remarkable.

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