Porto Koufo Beach

Porto Koufo or "Deaf Port" in Greek language is one of the two ports of Toroni. This port is considered as the largest and safest port in Northern Greece. During the World War II, the German invaders used this port due to its geographical advantage and its direct access to Aegean Sea.

In ancient times, Porto Koufo was used as a haven for pirates who looted Halkidiki. Violence prevailed almost every inch of the port and the surrounding towns. Now, it is a small fishing town emanating a peaceful atmosphere for both locals and tourists. Although the beach is relatively small, it has a beautiful natural setting surrounded by thick vegetation. This port has since become a perfect tourist destination looking for fun and relaxation at the same time.

You can also visit some of the famous Halkidiki sights for Porto Koufo though arranged boat trips. Such activity is perfect for couples in honeymoon, friends looking for some adventures and family who are looking for some quality bonding time. The place surrounding Porto Koufo is perfect for trekking. Annually, especially in September, Porto Koufo serves as the host of the Tuna Festival. This celebration is the best time of the year to get the best quality tuna. There are also great hotels that you can choose stay. If you want great food, there are restaurants near and around the port.

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