Porec Beach

Porec is the largest and the most developed resort in Croatia. It is the perfect place for families to bond and have fun. Adults and children alike may play tennis and golf within the resort's premises. Also, banana-boat rides, pedalos, cycle hire, and other water associated activities are also being offered by Porec.

Most hotels are located beside the beaches. This makes it easy for everyone to dive into the warm waters of the sea whenever they wish. The hotels are of the best quality. Most of them contain indoor swimming pools. Restaurants are also located close to the resort. Great food and ambiance are sure to be served.

The pebbly sand of the beaches makes the resort look more stunning. Not only does the beach have an amazing appearance, but it also has concrete bathing terraces that everyone will surely enjoy. If people want to see the best beach in Porec, they would have to ride a vessel from Porec harbor to St. Nicholas Island. In this particular island, they will be able to see naturist camps that have nudist beaches such as Sloaris, Zelena, and Ulika.

Aside from the pebbly beaches and the clear blue waters of the sea, Porec also has different towns where visitors can go to see the historical attractions of the resort. These would include the Istrian town and the Rovinj town resort. If visitors want to experience something different from the place, they could go to Istria's inland and admire the beautiful scenery.

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