Pomorie Beach

Along the cost of the Black Sea, the Pomorie Beach can be seen. Over the years, the beach has gained immense popularity. It is now being visited by millions of people each year. The most significant characteristic of the beach is its sand. The golden sand allures more and more people to come to the beach every day. Aside from the gold sand, the calm waters of the beach entice more people to swim freely. Since the Pomorie beach has areas that have shallow waters and flat coast lines, it is very ideal for children to swim in. The beach also has a lifeguard that watches over the visitors' safety from early September to early October. This is the time of the year where the waves of the beach are strong. The lifeguards stand by the beach 24/7 to ensure everyone's safety. With 2,000 hours of sunshine every year, the place is ideal for sunbathing and other outdoor activities.

If the visitors are not interested in getting involved in any strenuous activities, they may choose to go to the Pomorie town. This charming settlement is 18 km from the Sunny Beach resort and 20 km from Bourgas. The town is filled with stores, restaurants, and other interesting establishments. Here, they will surely be able to entertain themselves through food, music, and other great items.

If people want a taste of excitement, fun, and leisure, they would only have to go to Pomorie beach to experience the best time of their lives. Since the place is suitable for both children and adults, visitors are encouraged to bring their families with them.

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