Playa Guacuco

Playa Guacuco is located in the town of Guacuco, on the Margarita Island, Venezuela. Playa Guacoco is about 2 kilometers long. Guacuco has it's name due to the abundance of guacucos (clams) in its sands. It is very popular beach among local families. The beach features orange sand and nice waves. They aren't so strong like in the north beaches, but they are strong enough to board. In some seasons there are algae, but in other seasons there aren't.

If you want to try local food you can go to various restaurants that offer tents, bathrooms and serve foods and drinks. There is also a small palm tree forest close to the beach, where you can have a barbecue. Guacuco is one of the beaches where you can find the best craft jewelry at a very nice price.

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