Playa Ensenada

Playa Ensenada is a relatively small beach located in the north side of the Dominican Republic. Although the beach is small, plenty of people still pay this mini paradise a visit. The primary reason why this tourist site did not become as popular as the other tourist sites in the Dominican Republic is because of its poor accessibility. Despite its poor accessibility, people would still want to enjoy its wonders.

This beach is perfect for swimming since its waters are calm because of the fact that it is situated at the mountain base and because of the coral reefs located offshore. This particular beach is said to be a secret by plenty of travelers and visitors. It is mainly because of their great seafood. Food stalls surrounding the beach offer the fresh lobsters, fish, and crabs.

What is great about this place is that people are allowed to choose the seafood that they want and the locals would be more than willing to cook the seafood for them. In addition to that, people are allowed to negotiate the price of the food that they are about to eat. The food would normally cost them $10 or less.

To enjoy their stay to the fullest, people would normally come to this place with their families and friends. It is best to share the experience with someone that they truly care for. It would not hurt to bring a kid or two. Playa Ensenada will definitely give people the experience that they will never forget.

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