Playa Dominical

Playa Dominical is a marvelous beach which can be found in the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The green hills and mangroves add to the overall beauty of the place. The mountains, the ocean, and the bright blue sky give an impression of calmness and peace.

The Dominical town of Costa Rica is one of the area's classic surfing towns. Dominical is situated between Panama and San Jose. Since Playa Dominical is not yet spoiled by a lot of people because of tourism, accommodation is this area is fairly limited. Due to the fact that the size of Playa Dominical is small, it would only take visitors 10 minutes to see the whole place.

Playa Dominical is popular for its surfing spots. Surfers from across the globe go to this place to experience a different kind of surfing. In a hot summer's day, expect to see ten to thirty people surfing under the hot sun. Over time, the surfers do not only come to Playa Dominical to surf, but they now also come to enjoy the wonderful scenery that the area has to offer. Today, the town is now home to an estimated 700 residents. Because of the increasing number of people visiting and living in this place, restaurants and bars are becoming prevalent.

Aside from swimming in its warm waters and surfing in its strong waves, people could also enjoy observing the different caves of the place through kayaking. They may also enjoy watching the water fowls and pelicans hovering over the shorelines.

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