Placencia Beach

Placencia Beach may seem like an island, but the truth is that it is actually a peninsula. It is about 16 miles in long and if they are looking for an isolated place to gather their thoughts or to relax, they will definitely find one. The beach is located in Stann Creek District. Here, visitors will be able to find several of the best beaches and the second biggest barrier reef in the entire world. It is stated by a lot of people that the barrier reef along Placencia Beach is more spectacular than biggest barrier reef in Australia. Although January to May is the perfect time to visit Placencia Beach, plenty of tourists still visit the place from June to December.

The area is divided into three major locations: Maya Beach, Seine Bight, and Placencia Village. The number of people living in this area is around 500 people. Most of them are of Creole decent. Today, the population of the area is increased by the local people.

The main activities that most visitors love to do in this place are snorkeling and diving. Through snorkeling, visitors will be able to observe and see the exotic fish and other wildlife inhabiting the reef. The different species of fish living in this particular place would include butterfly fish, grunts, trumpet fish, needle fish, and parrot fish. Different species of lobsters and turtles may also be seen in this area. Besides snorkeling and diving, visitors may go on a boat trip or do sailing. Because of the wonders of the area, visitors may just do an evening stroll.

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