Pissouri Beach

There was once a place in Cape Astro which had only a fishing jetty but now it has developed through time into two distinct communities. Though the influx of many foreign visitors, mostly from the West of Europe, has doubled compare the past two decades, the community's warm and welcoming atmosphere has not faded through time. This is the town of Pissouri.

The Cypriot atmosphere is still prevalent among the natives and the residents but to all those who come to witness the spectacular village of Pissouri and the enamoring beauty of the Pissouri beach, as well.

Pissouri is a village decorated by the grapes growing primarily in the valley in the main road, yet it has retained the distinct Cypriot character especially the view and ambience of their beach. With just a five minute commute from the village, one can see the enchanting and most favorite tourist attraction in the recent yearssemicolonsign no other than the Pissouri beach. The beach provides a natural environment to those who are spending their vacation in Pissouri, Cyprus.

In addition, the beach is also catering the visitors with water sports like swimming, sailing, windsurfing, paragliding, to name a few. What makes the resort entertaining during the night are the tavernas and bars surrounding the beach where the foreigners can order for foods and beverages they desired. Most of all, one shouldn't miss the freshly caught fish served for the sumptuous meal.

Finally, Pissouri beach is certified by the European Union bodies as clean and nature friendly where blue flags, as emblems of the certification, are flown in the sandy shores.

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