Perigiali Beach

Perigiali Beach is amongst the most popular beach resorts in Halkidiki. It is actually a shingled stretch that has a small harbor at its end. This harbor is still being used at present. In fact, it is being used as a fishing port by most of the fishermen in the area. They use this port for their fishing boats on a regular basis.

Perigiali Beach is beautiful and heavenly. It is a major attraction in the area due to its natural beauty and pristine characteristics. It is well liked by tourists and locals alike. Residents of Greece, as well as foreigners often visit this beach to unwind and take a swim in the crystal clear waters. They also love to sunbathe and get some tan.

In addition, Perigiali Beach offers tourists with breathtaking sceneries and panoramic views. The picturesque attraction will surely make you want to visit this place again. Your summer or holiday vacation is guaranteed to be a blast when you go choose this beach as a venue. You can take your family members and friends.

Aside from the crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, you may also admire the small islets that can be viewed from a distance. They look charming like tiny dots along the bay. The best time to hang around the beach is probably during nighttime as it is during this time when the weather is cool.

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