Orzan beach

Situated after Anjuna beach and not far from the beautiful Vagator beach is a beautiful little Goan bean i.e. the Ozran beach (little vagator), a small but very picturesque beach. Mostly frequented by foreigners. Mostly Goan's in many groups spend their day on the beautiful Goan beach, on a picnic, at Ozran beach with their family and friends. One has to climb down a little hill to get to the beach.

The beach has a number of beach shacks wherein tourists have a wonderful time. Outside these beach shacks are beach beds where the tourists rest upon or have a sun bath. Viewing the sunset on this beach is a great experience. The sky all golden with the sun shining bright just before it would go beyond the horizon. There is music in the air. Tourists enjoy the bath in the sea. Younger crowd were play games along the shore and build sand castles

Towards the northern side of the beach there is a huge human face carved on a rock. I still remember it around the year 1993 or 1994 when I had visited this beach, there was a foreign tourist who was making this carving. Today this carved face is an attraction of this beach and it adds to the beauty of the beach. Some call it the shiva face.

foreigners and Goan play football and volley ball on the beach. Ozran beach is indeed one of the most scenic Goan Beaches, It leaves you fully refreshed and joyful. Just enjoy some of the pictures of this beautiful Goan beach. This beach is very famous among the Israeli tourists.

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