Opatija Beach

The Adriatic Nice or more commonly known as Opatija is a greatly visited resort in Croatia. It is currently situated on the north side of the Adriatic Coast, about 10 km away from Rijeka town.

The area has two beaches to be specific. The first and the main beach is the Slatina. It is situated along Marshala Tita Street. The beach is surrounded by lots of hotels where visitors will be able to spend their nights in. The other beach is known as Moscenicka Draga. It is said to be the most magnificent beach in the Opatija Riviera. Its sand may be full of pebbles, but plenty of people are still attracted to this place because of its environment.

Lungo Mare is a famous beachside promenade. This walkway made of cobblestone extends from Opatija to Icici and Lovran. While walking on this paved path, people may adore the beauty of the sea at the same time. It is far from traffic and is perfect for couples who would like to walk by the beach in romance. The making of this amazing promenade was finished in 1889. In 1911, Lungo Mare was made to connect with Lovran.

Aside from its wonderful beaches, Opatija is also known for its parks. The old charming parks are always filled with flowers of different kinds. Some of them are exotic and some even came from great Mediterranean countries.

Because of its wonderful scenery and architecture, Opatija and its beaches truly is a paradise for visitors from different parts of the globe.

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