Mykonos Island

The Mykonos island, albeit the smallest one in Greece, is amongst the most popular. This is mainly due to the fact that it boasts of vast beauty beyond its size. The natural wonders of the island of Mykonos awes everyone - whether first time tourists or locals. The town also has a history that is too flavorful to taste, one cannot help but get another serving time and again.

The island houses several Mediterranean beaches that would suit anyone's taste. Whether you brought your family with you, or if you are a typical beach comber, or if you enjoy biking on the sandy shores, or if you like wild party nights or if you prefer to bath naked under the sun, there is a beach perfect for you. There are around 20 beaches to choose from.

The southern area of the island is the more developed region, where you'll find the bars, clubs and shops. Although many houses, resorts and buildings have been put up in this portion of the island, the beach and the scenery is just as beautiful as the undeveloped areas.

The northern area of the island, although less industrialized, expects huge crowds as well. People tend to crowd this area later in the day. So if you want more quiet time for yourself, better be at the beach during the morning.

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