Moudounou Beach

Moudounou Beach is located in Afytos, a charming village in Chalkidiki, northern Greece that is situated on the northeast coast of the Kassandra peninsula. This beach is four kilometers in length, and features crystal clear waters and fine white sand. Aside from the sand and water, you will also see verdant hills surrounding it. This beach is ideal for summer and holiday vacations.

Popular activities to be done in Moudounou Beach are swimming, sunbathing, and water sports such scuba diving. If you like fishing, you may also delight in its water sports facilities. You can have fun and meet new people at the bars on the beach. When you get tired, you may check into one of the taverns available.

The accommodations at Moudounou Beach are clean, well maintained, and reasonably priced. You can rest assured that you will get great value for your money. Also, this place will not disappoint you for you can also explore the deserted coves found at the northern end of Moudounou Beach. Here, you can spend some time alone for peace and quiet.

If you wish to go for a hike, however, you may explore the mountainous countryside. You may also visit the village of Afytos to check out the ancient quarries of Moudounou and the Folklore Museum. Aside from this, you may also take a look at the low hills and farmlands that surround Afytos.

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