The beautiful beaches of Mortelle, known to have the most attractive and comfortable sand, lies on a strategic area that makes it a destination that offers a cool and cozy atmosphere as it is surrounded by waters. Mortelle has a selection of beaches to choose from ranging from resorts that are well-accessorized with amenities to secluded beaches.

Mondello beaches are situated north of Messina, which is on the northestern coast of Sicily. With a seven kilometer long stretch of white sand, Mortelle has been a favorite beach destination of tourists and visitors, who just want to bask under the sun and enjoy a beach retreat. Families with kids can even enjoy swimming and splashing waters by the shore since the depth of the waters near the shore gently slopes to shallow depth that is very enjoyable.

During the peak season, which is the summer period, locals and visitors tend to crowd the beach of Mortelle. For a more secluded and peaceful area, take a stroll and explore the other beaches along the stretch of sand and find a reserved spot for family and friends.

The beaches of Mortelle, especially the most popular one, Lido dei Tirreno, are well-known for the creatively smart and organized development of its beaches. On the beach, facilities such as sunbeds, lounger and the like are well arranged and maintained for public use. While near by the beach, there are restaurants, bars and shops that offer quality and efficient service that tourists will appreciate.

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