Montezuma Beach

Montezuma Beach is located south of Nicolaya Peninsula in Costa Rica. It is about 8 km away from Cabano and 41 km away from Paquera's south west. In the 1980's, people found out about the beauty of Montezuma Beach. Since then, they have made it into a famous tourist site.

Because of its welcoming environment and unbelievable surroundings, Montezuma Beach is one of the most treasured tourist spots of Costa Rica. People come here to enjoy the sun during the day and the activities that can only be done at night such as strolling under the moonlight and partying. The coconut palm trees sway in harmony with the wind and its dark hued sand complement the bright green shade of the lush vegetation surrounding it.

Montezuma Beach features swimming and surfing activities. Those that reside beside the beach just go out of their homes, bring their surfing boards with them, and jump into the warm sea. Aside from these water activities, visitors would also be able to join yoga and healing communities on land. This will give them a sense of thorough relaxation. Because of the diverse activities that the place has to offer, different people from different places go to this on place to relax and to pamper themselves. People may also enjoy the bars and restaurants around the place. If they want a more adventurous type of activity, they may go with the waterfall excursions being offered by the area.

If visitors want to experience adventure and relaxation at the same time, they could go to Montezuma Beach and enjoy every minute of their stay.

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