Moneglia Beaches

Moneglia is well known for the beauty of its beach with a mild climate, attractive sea waters, and its majestic hills covered with woods and olive groves. This makes Moneglia an idealistic place for a relaxing vacation.

The beaches of Moneglia are the most popular aspect of this town. That is why a lot of Italian and foreign visitors choose Moneglia when planning a retreat or vacation during the holidays. Tourists are easily captivated byt the seafront of town. There you will find beaches with a long stretch of fine and golden sand. Here you will find unexplored and undeveloped beaches that are free of charge. Also, such beaches give its guests a taste of natural beauty and a feel of the wild. There are also beaches that are free of charge but are well-equipped with facilities needed for public swimming. Private beach resorts are also available and these beaches tend to offer a lot of amenities and facilities.

Moneglia beaches have been awarded the blue flag for cleanliness and this assures its visitors of the great quality of its beaches. Its waters are suitability for swimming, and there are various services and safety conditions alloted and considered. The sea waters of the Moneglia beaches are very clean, crystal clear and beautiful and its calm waters are ideal venues for water sports like swimming, sailing and windsurfing.

At night, especially during summer, various events like cultural shows and sport competitions are held on the streets of town. This gives Moneglia added attraction for tourists to enjoy and attend.

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