Marinella Beach

When in Rome, do not forget to visit the beautiful beach of Marinella. This beach has been a favorite choice of both locals and tourists alike. If you want to have that stylish tan, spend a fun-filled day under the sun on the beach of Marinella.

Being part of the Sorrento Coast, Marinella beach is known, not just for its beach resorts and sea shores, but also for the holiday house that is provided for guests and visitors to take comfort in.

To reach the Marinella beach, tourists and visitors can travel though a downhill road , which is actually digged into the coast that has a rugged cliff surrounding the shore. If you do not want such a challenging means of reaching the beach, visitors could take a lift by boat to the beach.

Very much close by the beach and its waters, a holiday home can be found and this is the ideal place to rest and stay during your visit to the beach of Marinella. This establishment provides a number of major services for its visitors comfort and convenience. Amongst its amenities are the available sun beds, deck chairs, beach umbrellas, and rooms for changing. There are also facilities that are available for guests to try out water sports activities such surf boarding and canoeing.

After the fun and sun that visitors enjoyed during the day, there are bars, restaurants and fast foods to try out when hungry and thirsty.

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