Marina di Ragusa

Marina di Ragusa is considered one of the most sophisticated and attractive beach resort of the southeastern area of Sicily. There is a lot to explore in Marina di Ragusa and this includes some historical ruins and rennovated areas of the city. But the highlight of Marina di Ragusa are its baeutiful beaches that are the tourist hot spots of the sity.

Situated on the Mediterranean coast and being part of the province of Ragusa, Marina di Ragusa is known for its lovely beaches and fun-filled night life. Tourism is really a thing for Marina di Ragusa as proved by statistics that during the summer months, the population of the area increases greatly.

In the past, Marina di Ragusa was a lowly fishing village that had a port of great maritime importance. But during the 1960s, the fishing village was rennovated and transformed into a tourrist beach resort of great beauty and history. Its stretch of sand and warm clear waters are perfect venues for hours and hours of fun and relaxation time under the sun. Get the tan that you want by sunbathing or bathing in the attractive and seemingly glistening waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Also, there are bars and restaurants to try out and buy a drink or meal when hungry and thirsty. Also, interesting camping sites and amazing green houses as well as lively night clubs are available near by the beach. These green houses provide the green-products that are exported all around Europe.

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