Malolo Island

Malolo Island is a volcanic, inhabited Fiji's island in the Pacific Ocean. Malolo is an idyllic, rustic resort where one can escape the stress of modern living. The island features golden sandy beaches, beautiful coal reefs, coconut palms and azure water. At Malolo you can find an active rest or simply do nothing at all. Malolo is all about reconnecting with family and friends. Just the sounds of the coconut trees and the ocean lapping the shore, just lying under the bluest of skies during the day and under the blanket of stars by night.

Malolo Island offers bure style Fiji accommodation with the comfortable bures having panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean. There, you will be served by the descendants of villagers who have lived there for thousands of years, offering true Fijian hospitality. Special options such as romantic beachside dinners for couples are also available on the resort.

At Malolo you can relax in freshwater pool, experience a massage or spa treatment, go snorkelling or diving on the reef. There is also a Kids Club providing different children activities.

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