Laughing Bird Caye

The Laughing Bird Caye is approximately 12 miles from the coast of Belize. It is considered to be the second largest barrier reef in the world. It is situated is the most southern part of Belize Barrier Reef. Its name came from the area's local bird, the Larus artricillas or the Laughing Gull.

Since 1981, the Laughing Bird Caye became a World Heritage site. Because of this, tourism is prevented from making changes to the area. The white sand, different exotic animals and coconut trees add to the island's overall splendor. The island is recorded to be 200 meters long and 20 meters in diameter. The island does not have real establishments to stay in. Therefore, people would have to go back to Plecencia Peninsula if they want to rest in leisure facilities. In order for people to visit this island, they would have to arrange with local tour operators. The maximum amount of time that visitors could stay in the island is six hours. This is enough to make the visitors enjoy their stay.

Aside from strolling around the beach, visitors may also enjoy diving and snorkeling. Fishing is also a great attraction in the area. Birds that only live in this area would include Brown Pelicans, Green Herons, and Melodious Blackbirds.

If people are to visit Plecencia Peninsula, they should also try going to Laughing Bird Caye. This is a great place to unwind. Here, people will have the opportunity of forgetting all of their problems and to just relax.

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