Latchi Beach

Here is one of those stunning holiday destinations that you will absolutely love to visit. With the beautiful mountain scenery and the ever crystal water, Latchi Beach stands out to be your place of choice to spend with your family.

Latchi Beach is located on the North coast of Cyprus in a large, traditional Turkish-Cypriot town. This is a very peaceful environment that is very quiet and offers a fishing harbour where one can spend fishing thus keeping you bustled and occupied all the time. The nature surrounding the beach is very eye catching and gives a romantic view in all directions. There are surroundings of citrus and olive groves, a typically evocative Cypriot landscape and vineyards.

This beach is also a very friendly and welcoming to all kinds of visitors; from young to old, singles to families. The people around the Latchi Beach enjoy a number of sunny days every year with rain falling mostly during the winter and December, all the way to March, happens to be wet and not cold. During the summers, temperatures can reach highs of forty degrees Celsius and this keeps the people around the homes enjoying the cool shades rather than walking.

The lovely beach also offers a large variety of fruits and vegetables that are very essential to the human body. The place has a very fertile soil that fosters the growth of bananas, citrus fruits, potatoes, peanuts, and pistachios. These fruits also happen to be very tasty due to the Mediterranean warm and sunny climate.

This beach happens to be very easily accessible as it is only ten minute drive from the Paphos Airport and can also be accessed through the sea, as it is the main harbour to that has supplied Polis for a number of years.

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