Lara Bay

Have you ever visited a place on this earth and lived every moment of your life wishing you could get another opportunity of visiting again? Then Lara Bay is the place for you to be. Some scenarios in Lara Bay are really amazing!
Lara Bay, also referred to as "Turtle Beach" is in the North of Paphos in the Akamas Penisula. The name "Turtle Beach" is given to this beach because it is a breeding ground for the rare loggerhead turtle also referred to as Carreta Carreta, and the Green Turtle. Because this turtle is a rare breed, there are attempts to protect the turtles and everyone is welcome to volunteer in giving a hand to Lara Beach Turtle Station to ensure their protection while you visit.
There are also spectacular sceneries at Lara Bay. While at the beach, one gets the most exiting experiences with nature. The beach offers a large stretch of coastline with untouched golden sands that provide a good environment for games with your family such as football on the beach, beach volleyball, and rugby, among others.
For those who like adventure, the journey to Lara Bay will prove an experience of its kind. The closest airport is at Paphos from where one hires a four-wheel drive and with determination and tolerancesemicolonsign you set off for the long journey with a number of potholes on the way. Who would not enjoy such an experience anyway! So get out there, book your next flight to Paphos and get away from the parasols, the people and bustles and have fan at the Lara Bay.

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