Krk Beach

Klimno Bay or also known as the cove of Soline is located on the east of Krk Island. It is composed of three major settlements. These would be Cizici, Soline, and Klimno. The Klimno Bay of Krk Island has several great beaches where tourists can pass their time.

Meline is the most exquisite beach on the island. This one of a kind beach is located on the west part of the gulf. It is estimated to be 400 m in length and 40 m in width. Meline is popular for its healing mud. It also has a shallow shore which is perfect for children. The place is also perfect for those who love to play volleyball and football since the beach has an area specifically made for those sports.

Soline beach is situated between Meline, Soline, Cizici, and Klimno. This is where the salt-pan is located during the ancient times. There are plenty of accommodations to be found surrounding this beach such as apartments. The water levels of the beach can reach up to 1 meter high.

Because of its abundance in trees and other plants, Komoriska beach is preferred by many tourists. The trees and plants provide shade for the tourists to unwind. The beach is located just before the village of Klimno.

Slivanjska beach is known to be a peaceful place where visitors could relax and meditate. Its warm waters and fine sand attracts visitors to this place.

With the warm waters, healing mud, and fine sand, Krk beaches are sure to win the hearts of visitors.

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