Kavourotrypes Beach

Located in Sithonia East, this long rocky coastline and light sandy beach is frequented by tourists who wish to relax and have a good time. Kavourotrypes Beach is a tranquil hideway with cerulean waters and powdery sand. When explored by boat, it reveals small enclaves and other astonishing natural wonders.

Kavourotrypes Beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. There are no available shades in the area, so you may want to bring your own umbrella. There are also no amenities and facilities around. Unlike other popular resorts, it is also not crowded. It used to be a nudist beach, but now it is a place for sunbathers and free campers.

You will feel relaxed and refreshed in this paradise of rocks, white sand, cerulean waters, and green trees. You can go alone or take your family with you. The waters are safe even for young children. When it comes to dining and resting, do not worry because there are restaurants and hotels nearby.

However, you should take note that access can be quite difficult as there are not a lot of signs. You may also need to climb down to sea on foot. Anti-fire zones can be seen but you will still need to leave your car behind at some point. Nonetheless, Kavourotrypes Beach is still an ideal getaway during the summer. This paradise will help you get some peace of mind while having a nice tan.

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