Kauai, A Dream Beach Vacation

Love is in the air as well as in the water this Valentine’s Day. It is the time in which you may want to take a long getaway to an exotic Island, and Hawaii’s Kauai is the perfect choice. It is an incredible experience that both you and your special someone will treasure forever. It is the place where the land is beautiful and the water pristine.

The Beaches

One of the most amazing part of a Kauai getaway are the magical beaches. It is here where you can sit in the sun on white sands adjacent to the Pacific Ocean on all sides. Allow the sand to squeeze between your toes as you embrace the majesty of the unhindered sun!
The great thing about the beaches of Kauai is that they surround you on every side. No longer do you have to be cramped in with people and their annoying umbrellas. You and your loved one will find the privacy you crave. It’s not P.D.A. if no one’s around!

Here is a comprehensive guide of how to move to Hawaii and live there by Michele Meyer.

How to Move to Hawaii - a Step by Step Guide by Michele Meyer

How to Move to Hawaii – a Step by Step Guide by Michele Meyer

The Water

As picture perfect as you can imagine, the water is a place where many different activities can take place. But don’t feel restricted by just the ocean. There are many waterfalls and rivers to explore as well. Besides the activities you can participate in, the reflection off the water that the sunsets and sunrises produce will make you feel in an otherworldly paradise.

As I said, don’t just stop at the Ocean; venture out on tours of the vastly beautiful aquatic locations. You’ll be able to see where famous movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” took place!

The Activities

Whether you are cut out for sailing or “cut” like a surfer, the aquatic activities you can find will not run out. There are many different things to do that will fill up your entire. Here is a list;


Escape away on a small or large vessel and enjoy the ocean the way it was meant to be, right in the middle of it. You’ll enjoy the romance and companionship that can only be found outside the scope of civilization.


Whether through Deep-sea fishing or freshwater fishing, you can find all sorts of wild game to catch in the waters of Kauai! Thanks to dozens of lakes located in Kauai, the freshwater fish are plentiful. However, if you seek bigger game, the ocean’s deep sea fishing is the route to take. Enjoy it with your loved one and eat for free!


Kauai is the destination for kayaking. It is practically made for the activity and you can witness all different kind of adventures and scenery. Nature looks all the more beautiful while you are travelling down a river at max velocity.


How fun would it be to skim the surface of the water with your very own set of ski’s? Whether you rent or own, the fun is right outside your doorstep. Whether you’re practicing or going pro, don’t do it alone but make it a fun event that both of you enjoy.

The Fun Never Ends

Among the most beautiful island in the world, Kauai will take your breath away. It is never ending experiences that will be treasured with the one you love the most! Don’t forget to bring your camera or your snorkel!

Freelance writer, Wesley Foldessy, contributed this article on behalf of Kauai destination resort and spa, Koloa Landing Resort.

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